Thursday, June 14, 2012

World of the war instruction

We are with second world war tank game. We will see war win not only human, war win by tecnology. Yes, history books write legendary tanks history. world of the war is this history game. World of the war game tanks used  to 2. world war. They are u.s.a, germany and russian tanks. But some tanks didn't produced because some tanks have trouble. When game start you have got 3 level 1 tank. if you win wars you can upgrade your tank tank destroyer, spg, light tank, medium tank and heavy tank. it is a mix game therefore it can force your mind. You can learn about tanks informations so you can play easily. if you do not know anything your tank will has tank trouble. Game give you chance if you have money you can buy different kind tanks. For example you can buy russia tank destroyer and german medium tank but if you buy different kind tanks your advance is hard too so you will can live tank trouble.

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