Thursday, October 11, 2012

World of war celebrating first year

Prepare confettis world of tanks celebrating first year. World of tank game incredible enlarge is shocking. Nobody think tank game enlarge that. What is gamer make so game began to rise? 75 billion fire, 350 million war, destroyed over 8 billion armored vehicles and world of tanks get in guinness records book because in tank game at the same time the most online player records. 450 000 online player play tank game at the same time. World of tank game has got 18 million player it is a big number. Fewer online games catch world of tank game's success if other online game catch world of tank trouble and game company produce new features to upgrade game. Game play with old tanks therefore some tanks has got tank trouble, we want to see new tanks in world of tank game.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pet shop games

if you like animal, you like petshop games too. İn pet shop games you care animal wash them then sell and earn money. Different animals want different request so you care them careful. For example dog do not like water so you wash dog very hard. Pet shop games look like management games. İn fact all games look like other games, there are some similarities. Why peoples care animal? This question answer is a lot of people is a lone so they want friend, human's best friend is animal we need animal friends. We do not feed dangerous animal because they harm humans then consists of the bad results. You always must wash your animal and conduct a vaccination are important. Pet shop history is that some people can not feed animal so they want to play pet shop games.